Health And Safety

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The safety of our employees, customers and of the public is of primary concern in all of Northspan’s activities. We believe that our activities can be undertaken safely and that safety should not be compromised. Careful planning, alertness and teamwork are required to achieve this objective.

We will conduct our business in a way that ensures the health and well-being of everyone involved in or affected by our activities. Safety in our operations takes precedence over speed, meeting deadlines, and financial objectives.

We believe that continuous improvement of our health and safety performance is essential for our company’s success. All of our team members have the responsibility and are expected to perform every assignment in accordance with our Policies and Safe Operating Procedures. While overall accountability rests with management, everyone at Northspan is responsible for their own and others’ health and safety.

Northspan encourages a health and safety culture and is committed to compliance with Local, Provincial and Federal Requirements and Industry Standards. We believe that accidents can be prevented.


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Northspan is committed to environmental best practices and to minimizing the potential impact of drilling programs on the environment.

Northspan’s drills are lightweight and require virtually no drill pad preparation prior to drilling. The RC drill system requires little or no water for drilling and thus creates very little disturbance to any watersheds in your project area. Only environmentally sound drilling additives are used on Northpan’s jobsites. At Northspan, our aim is to leave every drill site as pristine as it was prior to drilling. The result is a minimal impact on the environment, small reclamation costs and often easier environmental permitting for our clients.